ADHD Evaluations

There are multiple mental health disorders that involve symptoms of inattention, poor concentration, and/or impulsivity (anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.). Because of this, it is crucial that those experiencing symptoms of ADHD get a thorough evaluation to determine what the nature and severity of their concerns are.

We seek to assess the symptoms of ADHD from multiple perspectives. This is done through conducting a thorough clinical interview, history review, measuring symptoms through self and other perspectives (parent, friend, teacher) where relevant. We also utilize a gold-standard objective computer program that assesses the individual’s response patterns of inattention and hyperactivity, and compares their performance to that of same age/gender peers.

The evaluator considers each of these data points to make an informed decision on whether the patient has a clinical level of ADHD, or whether the presenting symptoms could be due to other factors.  The report also includes treatment recommendations and any accommodations necessary to help the patient succeed in school or work.

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