Child Therapy

Child Therapy Services are provided at our Spanish Fork office.

Child therapy is form of treatment where the therapist works closely with a child and caregiver(s) to improve the mental, emotional, and social health of the child.

Dr. Jason McBride, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Ben Bailey, PhD, Psychology Resident, and Julie Carlisle, MS, PsyD Candidate, provide evidence-based treatment for children (ages 5-12) suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral-problems, and/or attachment-issues.

Children and parents can expect to receive warm and transparent treatment. Each of our providers strive to teach, model, and strengthen healthy parent-child interactions.

We offer a fully equipped play-therapy room, where children are able to access fun and familiar ways to express themselves through play (sand-play, puppets, toys, costumes, etc.).

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