Couples Therapy


Couples therapy is for all kinds of couples at any stage of the relationship.

Common reasons to seek support in couples therapy are relational distress, divorce contemplation, sexual issues, life transitions (entering marriage, birth of a child, empty nesting, retirement, etc), infidelity, mental health issues, communication concerns, financial disagreements, parenting struggles, relationship boundaries, emotion regulation issues, and more.

In couples therapy we work to understand and improve problematic interactions and relationship patterns in an empathetic, balanced way. Through therapy, clients are better able to understand themselves, their partners and their relationship. Our goal is to help couples move forward in the ways they want to with clarity and confidence. Couples therapy may include getting relevant personal and relational histories from clients, exploring problematic interactions and patterns, clarifying each person’s position and desires for the relationship, direct coaching, psychoeducation, skills training, processing of past experiences affecting current dynamics, etc.

Couples therapy is also known to improve outcomes in individual mental health. Whether or not one’s individual struggles seem to be related to their couple relationship, discussing struggles with both partners in session tends to increase empathy and partners’ abilities to support each other. Therapists at Alliance who are trained to provide couples therapy are Brad Edgington, Julia Bernards, Boone Christianson and Alexyss Lange.