Family Therapy


Family therapy can strengthen relationships and promote individual well-being in the family context. Family therapy can be for parent[s] and child[ren], siblings, in-laws, divorced/separated parents, multiple generations of a family, and other close relationships.

Common reasons to seek family therapy include: improving troubled or conflictual relationships, adjusting to transitions, addressing behavioral issues, improving connection and support, addressing substance (or other) abuse, mental health, special needs in the family, or dealing with stress related to illness, death, grief, separation/divorce, etc.

Family therapy can be very useful in promoting healing in individuals with mental illnesses, as healing is much more likely to occur when all relevant members of a patient’s family context are included in treatment. Through a combination of individual and joint sessions, depending on need, family therapy helps to create a safe environment at home for strong relationships to develop and mental health to flourish. 

Julia Bernards and Boone Christianson are specifically trained in systemic family therapy methods to provide this service.

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